Famitsu news, 9/11


Yaiba (TBA, TBA)

Earth Defense Force 4 (PS3/X360, Sandlot, 2013)

  • Includes online multiplayer supporting “many” players.
  • 55% complete.

Tongari-boshi to Maho no Machi (“Witch’s Hat in the Magical Town”, 3DS, Konami, TBA)

  • 70% complete
  • Hit high enough sales, and build a magical shopping mall

Animal Crossing: Jump Out (3DS, Nintendo, 11/8/2012)

  • There is a “Reset Center” building, where Mr. Resetti will scold you when you reset.
  • Fulfill certain conditions once to be able to have a floral village, a morning village, a rich village.
  • Build a “village that never sleeps” to increase how long your shops can stay open.
  • Pay 3000 bells to decorate with Saharah’s wallpaper and carpet.
  • Import My Design PRO designs via QR code

Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney (3DS, Level-5/Capcom, 11/29)

  • Dated.

Jet Set Radio (PSV/PS3/X360/iOS/Android, Sega, 2012, ¥1,000/800MSP for consoles, mobile price TBA)

  • An HD upgrade of De La Jet Set Radio.
  • Quicker loads.
  • Camera control with right analog stick.
  • Most music included, including some from De La Jet Set Radio.
  • Vita exclusives features:
    • Touch to draw graffiti.
    • Use rear camera snapshots as graffiti.
    • Control the camera while moving using the rear touchpad.

Project X-Zone (3DS, Namco Bandai)

  • New ally duo: Neneko and Neito (Yumeria)
  • New rivals: Juri (Street Fighter,) Jedah Dohma (Darkstalkers,) Reimsianne (Shining Force IXA,) Heihachi Mishima (Tekken,) Ayame (Sakura Wars,) Skeith (.hack)


  • Little Big Planet Vita: 9/9/9/9
  • Final Fantasy III PSP: 9/8/7/9
  • Tiger & Bunny: 8/8/8/8
  • Hunter x Hunter: 6/6/5/6
    • “Missions take too long”, “Monotonous”, “Not enough plot scenes”, “Not fully voiced”, “Action doesn’t feel very awesome”
  • Kingdoms of Amalur PS3: 9/8/8/9
  • Kingdoms of Amalur X360: 9/8/8/9

(Via Taletalesource, Sinobi)

(Edit: Additional details added.)


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  1. Arla says :

    Is this your answer to Andriasang closing?

  2. Pet Sitter Directory says :

    Hi just wanted to pop in and let you know I was redirected here from another site. Might be something bad in terms of malware. Check all css, php files. Hope that helps

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