News roundup, 9/12

Yesterday’s odds, ends, and missed connections, and what’s coming up today.

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, the NES ADV about anthropomorphic veggies, is coming to 3DS virtual console next week. So is Wrecking Crew, if Mario’s adventures in moonlighting are more your thing.

Also on 3DS, the final Bravely Default Flying Fairy demo can now be downloaded from the E-Shop.

Details on Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation‘s Blue Destiny Unit 1 have been released. The suit’s EXAM System activates at a particular HP level, and increases thrusters, movement speed, and melee power. While the EXAM System is active, the suit’s head and legs also become invulnerable and any prior damage to them is repaired. After 60 seconds, the system shuts down and the head and legs are destroyed.

2nd Super Robot Wars OG will once again feature a difficulty level based on how many SR points the player’s obtained. Each pilot and robot also now has three Ability Slots, for a total of up to twelve in a Twin Unit duo; line up three of the same ability together and it will activate. New abilities can be looted from enemies.

@Simple DL Series Vol. 5: The Noroi no Haibyoin: Tojikomareta Kao no Nai Shojo (“Cursed Abandoned Hospital: The Trapped Girl with No Face”) has probably become available during the time it took to type out that title. This marks the first time in years that “>my face when I had no face” jokes have been relevant.

The official site for Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 4  has been updated with a promotional video for the upcoming PSP release. I’m not sure if anyone is really interested in a PSP port of a two year old DS game, but there’s probably someone out there.


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