Bayonetta 2 announced for WiiU

At today’s Nintendo Direct for WiiU Software, Bayonetta 2 was announced for the WiiU. Atsushi Inaba is producing, while Yusuke Hashimoto will be directing. The game is once again developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo. Sega seems to retain the IP rights for the series. Yusuke Hashimoto was the producer for the original Bayonetta on PS3 and 360.


3 responses to “Bayonetta 2 announced for WiiU”

  1. moorangol says :

    Wow, making it exclusive is a nice move.
    Surely the day i will buy Wii U i will also come back home with this game, absolutely!!!

  2. mjemirzian says :

    Between Bayonetta 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3 “it’s better this time” edition, the Wii U is looking very tempting for action gamers.

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