Wii U Preview: Wii U’s launch lineup (live)

10:50: We will attempt to update this post with both live info and research on any announced titles. News may not be new, I’m going to err on the side of posting everything. F5 early, F5 often.

10:58: The punster in me finds it hilarious that Nintendo does their Wii U broadcasts over Ustream. Just saying.

11:00: Iwata is apologizing for keeping everyone up until America got out of bed.

11:01: First up: WiiU browser. WebKit-based, virtual keyboard and zoom on tablet. You can watch videos on the big screen while browsing. No flash, but HTML5 and h.264 support.

11:03: Scroll with gyros. Usable in game. Blog your screenshots–that’s what that 1GB is going for. “And our browser is free”, lol.

11:05: NSMB time.

11:06: Peach: Not stolen this time. Branching levels, one big w/w map.
Balloon Yoshi, bubble-spitting baby Yoshi.

11:06: Bad at Mario? You can tap along on the tablet, building platforms that let friends take shortcuts..

11:07: Challenge mode, time attacks and bounce challenge. “Boost Mode” with forced scroll on every map.

11:07: (we’ve seen grass, desert, ocean, and ice.) Next: NintendoLand!

11:08: Twelve attractions. The racing one is branded “Captain Falcon”, sorry F-zero fans.

11:09: 3 single/multi, 3 multi-only, 6 sp only.

11:10: Today: Metroid Blast (3D TPS, Coop: explore a starship, vs.: Tablet player controls a starship, while everyone on TV dodges, single: starship shooter or solo tps

11:12: Baloon Trip Breeze: “The original took us three days to make!”. Solo play, touchpen your way to the goal rather than than tapping A.

11:14: Game & Wario! Not minigames anymore! Now it’s score attack in puzzle, rhythm, score. Ski, arrow, games.

11:14: All of the small-but-not-mini games are tablet tech demos. The skiing one has a prettier version on TV.

11:15: Arrow: Draw the bow on your pad, shoot things on the screen. Also, the bow is Wario’s stache. Game & Wario is early 2013, not launch.

11:17: Wii Fit U and Pikmin by spring. Now, third parties!

11:17: Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. Ry, Ayane playable. Launch title.

11:18: Musou Orochi 2 Hyper. What’s the Orochi subseries called in English? New combo attacks, anyway. Battle and card battle modes added, and they can be played online. Co-op between tablet and TV. Launch title.

11:18: Also coming: Rot3K 12, Shin Fist of the North Star.

11:20: Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Link, Zelda, Mario, Bowser, and more Nintendo costumes.

11:21: And that’s it for domestic. Japanese third parties are apparently not hot on the Wii U at all.

11:21: Zombie U. Loot other players’ zombified corpses!

11:22: BTW, it’s you-be-eye-soft. Iwata says so. No arguing.

11:23: Huh, AC3 is getting a PS2 port?(棒

11:23: AC3 launch. Think we knew it.

11:23: Rayman. A fench man, speaking English, subbed in Japanese. Asymmetrical gameplay between CC and tablet.

11:25: Other editors are telling me this probably doesn’t have single-player. The video is not proving them wrong at all. Also, this music really reminds me of Tera.

11:27: Complete musical synchronization! In case you didn’t get enough from NSMB.

11:27: Next, Batman. “Hey, guys, remember this from E3?” /brainoff

11:28: Batman is launch. Maps and ally controls on the ‘tab. Remember the ME1 comic you got on ME2 PS3? You’re getting a ME2 one here! Releases in December, not launch.

11:30: FIFA: “They told me they’d update the webpage! Go look at it.!” December not launch.

11:30: What’s coming in the future! Monolith Soft is working on something, details later.

11:31: P-100 is “The Wonderful 101”.

11:32: 100 cartoony (animeish designs? but drawn in a western comics style) fight an alien invasion.

11:33: #101 is the player.

11:34: ONE MORE (platinum games) THING

11:34: Bayonetta 2, Hashimoto directs, Inaba produces, “from Nintendo” (EXCLUSIVE)

11:35: From SE: DQX. Playable on pad. Use your Wii data on Wii U. Beta test coming soon, buy the Premium Qii U and you get in. Carry characters over from Wii U beta to retail.


11:37: Monster Hunter Tri G HD, share save and co-op with 3DS ver, and it’s a launch title.

11:38: MH Tri G HG bundle, ¥38,850, at launch

11:39: Stay tuned to Twitter and Nintendo Direct for more info. We’re done here. Thanks for wtaching (and thanks for reading!)


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