News roundup, 9/14

Yesterday’s odds, ends, and missed connections, and what’s coming up today.

Falcom, makers of Ys and the Trails series among others, have revised their profit forecasts for the current quarter up 30%. The increase is attributed to a growing proportion of more profitable digital sales.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 has been dated and priced for the Wii U; it will launch day and date with the PS3 version on December 13th, costing ¥9,240. Tablet-only play has been confirmed, perhaps based on the PC game’s tablet mode?

Project X Zone will release a second trailer, along with updating its site to feature this week’s character announcements, on the 18th.


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One response to “News roundup, 9/14”

  1. ddsfan2 says :

    Finally Koei! I was beginning to wonder if the RoTK 12 announcements were vaporware. I’ll be getting the PS3 version at some point…

    Nobunaga’s Ambition 13 is great though, it would be even better if it were in English…

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