News roundup, 9/16

Yesterday’s odds, ends, and missed connections, and what’s coming up today.

One of Konami’s unrevealed titles for TGS is the arcade version of their Dragon Collection social game. The title was listed on the TGS event ticketing site for a short time before being removed.

The TGS demo of Tales of Xillia 2 will let players control Ludger, Alvin, Elise, and their choice of Jude or Mira.

Falcom’s twitter has teased new info about Ys: Celceta coming on the first day of TGS. The game appears to be doing better than expected in preorders, with direct sales of the LE already sold out.

A new set of story quests will be added to Dragon Quest X beginning this week. Ugokidashita Toki (“Time Begins Again”), beginning from the Dwarchaka city of Gatara, will be available to players with a Golden Key Emblem, and is split into Inishie no Ouji (“Ancient Prince”) and Nikushimi wa Toki wo Koete (“A Grudge Spanning the Ages”) chapters.

A third commercial for SD Gundam G Generation Overworld has aired.


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3 responses to “News roundup, 9/16”

  1. Eyebrows says :

    Sorry for asking something unrelated, but I was wondering if there’s a Japanese equivalent of foreign gaming sites like this? Like fans translating NA/UK gaming news and commenters complaining about how niche games never get localized. Or is there just little interest in Western games?

    • bdashnews says :

      I’ve seen some; I don’t really keep track of which are good/popular because I can just go straight to whatever they’d source.
      In general people who are seriously into foreign games often stick with it enough to be able to follow English media, just like how many Europeans follow US/UK news sites. Meanwhile, if someone isn’t an enthusiast, they can often wait until it gets picked up on one of the general news sites or blogs.

      • Eyebrows says :

        I guess the main difference then is English speakers aren’t as likely to ‘stick to it’ to the point of being able to read the news source? Makes sense, coming from the assumption that Japanese gamers had the option of taking English in grade school. Thanks for replying!

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