Sony Computer Entertainment pre-TGS press conference (live)

2:27: And that’s the show. Thanks for following along!

2:25: Tokyo Game Show Detectives event-game-thing-app.Play along, maybe win 2,000 yen of PSN credit.

2:22: Oh so close to the FF theme! But not close enough.

2:20: Back to the fall/holiday lineup.

2:16: PSV special features: “It has better graphics, and touch controls!”

2:15: God Eater 2. Things we already knew from the flashget.

2:15: Well, this trailer SOUNDS interesting. Too bad we can’t watch!

2:14: Also from Bannam, Tomizawa.

2:13: Oh lolll. “You can fight a Perfect Grade with your HGUC!” (This is actually pretty damn awesome.) Site at

2:11: PS3/PSV “Gundam Breaker”. New series. Themed around model kits, you can disassemble your opponent.

2:10: Gundam trailer time. Attendee-only, cameraman is aiming at the floor lol.

2:09: People have bought 18.5 million Gundam games on PS platforms. 600,000 players on the F2P PS3 Gundam, 80k-100k daily users.

2:09: Inagaki from Namco Bandai.

2:08: Koei Tecmoi has more Vita titles coming! They’ll tell tou about them later.

2:08: Cross-platform multipla, coming in 2013.

2:07: Leading off with a trailer. Omega Force’s Toukiden. Looks Japanese-myth-fantasyish. New series, not a Musou: fight oni in a Japanese-history-theme setting. PSP/Vita multiplat day and date.

2:05: Koei Tecmo’s Koinuma.

2:02: Oboro Muramasa port. 3/28. 4,980 yen.

2:01: Shinovi, even. Oh, and Kagura’s getting an anime.

2:00: Senran Kagura Shinobi Versus, 2/28, also 6,980 yen. Mmmmm backtouch. (He did not actually mention backtouch)

1:59: 3 titles coming from Marvelous. Valhalla Knights 3, early 2013, 6,980 yen.

1:58: New, unnanounced titles. Hashimoto from Marvelous on stage.

1:57: That is one creepy snake monster.

1:56: Soul Sacrifice trailer now.

1:55: On the bright side: there WILL be a demo in the winter.

1:54: Soul Sacrifice. “Welp, can’t make this Winter. Delayed to Spring.”

1:52: SCE newest info. New annoucements now. Soul Sacrifice first, Inafune on stage.

1:50: OR NO. The “one more thing” is Call of Duty confirmed for Japan. Lolz.

1:50: OR YES.

1:49: Or not.


1:48: Part of Reader Store, mid-October. Over 3,000 titles at launch.

1:47: Buy comics on your PSP. They’ve got some pretty big titles: Eva, Fate, One Piece, Thermae Romae. And it rotates (one would certainly HOPE so).

1:46: Stream on Nico live from your PSV’s camera.


1:45: Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue Vitas 11/15.

1:44: Anouncement: Kadokawa Games’s “Project Discovery”. Soliciting short stories by 12/7, prizes in spring, visual novel out in summer.

1:40: Reminding us of all the ways we can share between all three platforms. The digital version of Everybody’s Golf 6 Vita will be half-price if you own the PS3 one, and vice-versa.

1:38: Bad camera of bad camera of “hey you can download Crash Bandicoot now”.

1:37: Get a 3G Vita, see Miku in concert.

1:34: Vita time: Past, upcoming plans, title announces in that order.

1:32: Normal drops to 13,800 tomorrow. Value pack for 14,800.

1:31: “PSP doesn’t feel outdated at all!” – THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

1:30: Handhelds time.

1:27: Oh SNAP. Joysound Dive karaoke for PS3. (I’m the only one who cares.)

1:27: FINALLY bringing the music library (10 million track) to PS3/Vita/PC/smartphone. Monthly fee/all you can eat. Also, Sony’s videos on PS Store.

1:24: Wonderbook E3 reel again. Zzzzz.

1:23: Catching up on hardware while we learn about western development: US: 250/500 $269 bundle-only/$299, both 9/25. EU: Only region to get the 12GB Flash at 229 Euros on 10/12, no 250, 299 Euros for the 500 on 9/28. JP, 24,980 for the 250 or 29,980 for the 500, both 10/4.

1:19: Holiday game reel. Nothing new, unless 11/1 for Xillia 2 and 12/20 for FotNS is fresh?

1:17: Going back over pricing on the Super Slim. 25,000 yen for 250s, 30,000 for 500s. Everybody’s Golf 6 250s 25,980, day and date with the white (so 11/22 again)

1:14: When? :iiam

1:13: Gaikai cloud gaming service coming to PSN.

1:12: Over 200 billion yen pumped through PSN (so around $2.5 billion).

1:11: Plus for Vita. $18/quarter, $50/year (500 yen a month or 5000 a year). Get it for PS3, you have it for Vita and vice versa.

1:10: PlayStation Store with sub-App (50 yen) range pricing coming 10/3.

1:08: 12GB confirmed, overseas only. 225 Euros.

1:08: Black Oct 4, white Nov 22.

1:07: 160gb to 250, 320 to 500.

1:07: Over 50% smaller than the Phat, 25% than slim,

1:06: PS3 Super Slim official. It’s exactly what we already knew, except it comes in white too. Chrome highlights on the top of the black?

1:05: Andrew House on before we get to details.

1:05: Oh, wow, ahead of schedule. Here we go.

1:00: True to Sony form, things are starting late. Another 15 minutes or so to get everyone seated?

12:54: I should probably say “updated live”. You’ve still got to press F5 (for now).

12:50: This post will be live-updated with new info as it becomes available. Stay tuned!



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