First Dragon Quest X census results announced

The first DQXcensus results are up, in a format that’s oh-so-familiar to ex-FFXIers.


  • The most popular monster by far is the Pink Sanguini, with over 400 million kills; this merrily-floating little demon is prime grinding fodder from 30 all the way up to fifty. He’s somewhat closely followed at 400m by the Tonburero, a new monster for DQXthat’s a pig in a massive hat. Third is the Crabid at a lowly 100 million; Metal Slimes come in 122nd at just under three million.
  • The average player has 29,781 G, but income inequality is alive and well; 6% of players have saved up over 100,000 G, while 57% have under 10,000.
  • 65% of characters are male, and 35% female; men are likely to be humans or ogres, while women tend toward wedy and elves. Dwarves are the least popular race for either gender.
  • A full 50% of characters are Fighters or Clerics, while only 7% are entertainers. Weaponsmithing is the most popular craft skill, and toolsmithing the least.
  • 310,000 characters are registered for the Support Character system, with Cleric the most popular job choice at 28%.


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