Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox (PS3) – Gameplay detailed and first dungeon screen

This week’s Dengeki Playstation finally details the gameplay systems in Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox (or Kamipara for short), the eagerly anticipated new entry from the Disgaea team. It is now pretty much confirmed that like the rumors previously suggested, this is a spiritual follow-up to the PSP title Zettai Hero Project.

Kamipara is a dungeon crawler featuring 2D sprites and 3D isometric environments. The gameplay is similar to that of a turn-based roguelike, where the player controls the hero and explores deadly randomly generated dungeons. There are many similarities the game shares with Zettai Hero Project – the character’s level starts at 1 each time he enters a new dungeon, the game tracks a “total level” for the character which determines stat growth, and a heavy emphasis on customization of equipment and weapons to change the character’s parameters.

But there also several significant differences and improvements. This time, the player controls a tag-team of the protagonist (a boy who becomes a god) and the selected angel of choice. There will be different angels you can partner with, each with their own special abilities, and whose appearances can also be customized. The angel partner follows the hero around, and plays a support role.

This partner system also introduces new gameplay elements which build on what Zettai Hero Project first established. You can separate the hero and the angel if you wish, using one as a decoy for the other. They can also pick each other up to throw them to greater heights or over a group of enemies. The game also promises to use all 6 directions of the 3D map, with dungeons having varying levels of elevation instead of being flat areas.

In terms of enemies, the challenges are also sounding very familiar for fans of Zettai Hero Project – there will be huge enemies, exploding enemies, zombies which come back to life after staying dead for a few turns, and many more.

Another tidbit which seems to have been missed out over the Tokyo Game Show period is that Dengeki’s live coverage of TGS on Niconico Douga apparently featured a peak at the gameplay for the game in advance. Luckily some dedicated Japanese fan saved a screenshot of the what the dungeon shown looks like:


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