New Bravely Default (3DS) characters and jobs revealed

Next week’s Shounen Jump magazine details some new characters and jobs, along with new voice talent involved in the game. The General of Eternia will be voiced by Takehito Koyasu. He is Idea Lee’s father, and one of the supporters of the anti-crystal movement. Anazel is mysterious masked knight serving under the general, his true identity and voice actor is unknown. Another two characters supporting the general is Doctor Victor (Daisuke Ono), the lead researching on White Magic in the land, and his companion Victoria (Kanon Tani), a witch who is both emotionally and physically unstable.

Some new jobs are also revealed by the magazine. The Holy Knight job increases the BP limit, the Dark Knight job alters the attack power based on the amount of HP available, the Devout job can increase the effectiveness of healing magic based on the highest BP available, and finally the Magus job has the highest attack magic power among all the jobs.


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