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Dream Club Zero Special Edipyon dated, rated

D3’s hostess club sim will be hopping onto the PS3 on January 17th, with a CERO rating of D.


S-E slashes profit forecast, blames Gyrozetter, Sleeping Dogs, and social gaming

Square Enix IR reports issued today cut their FY2013 net profit forecast from ¥9bn to ¥3.5bn, along with a drop in expected total sales from ¥16.5bn to ¥15bn. The profit forecast was already flat for the first half due to heavy expenditures on Final Fantasy XIV 2.0, but a weak Gyrozetter launch (according to a Nikkei article, arcade softness was responsible for almost ¥4bn in losses), disappointing legs on “a major HD title” (almost assuredly Sleeping Dogs), and an unspecified delay in social gaming are cited as the reasons for a ¥5.4bn loss in the first half and the significant cut to whole-year forecasts.

Tales of Hearts R to feature 3d combat, “Chase Link Mode”

According to this week’s coverage of Tales of Hearts R, the PS Vita title recently announced for a Spring launch, the game (which is 50% complete) has been updated to feature fully 3D battles. Also detailed is the “Chase Link Mode” allowing players to knock an enemy into the air, then follow up with a quick attack. A close look at screenshots also reveals the return of Tales of Vesperia‘s OVL Gauge.

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Famitsu news, 10/30


Dynasty Warriors 8 will launch for PS3 in 2013. Characters Li Dian and Yue Jin, among others, are profiled in the article; gameplaywise, we’re getting “storm rush” and “variable counter” systems.

Sega’s Hatsune Miku Project Diva F will release for PS3 in Spring 2013. The title differs from the PS Vita version in using a capital rather than lowercase F. It will add six new songs, more modules and customize items, and be able to use Vita system and edit data. New modes are also planned. The scratch and AR functionality from the Vita version will not make the jump; Star icons remain, but will be activated in a different way.

Splinter Cell Blacklist has been officially announced for Japan in both PS3 and X360 forms, both coming in 2013.


  • Animal Crossing: Leap Out: 10/9/10/10
  • Dynasty Warriors 7: 8/9/9/9
  • Jewelpet: 8/7/7/7
  • Model Oshare Audition (“Model Chic Audition”): 7/8/8/7
  • Silent Hill: Downpour: 8/8/8/7

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Tales of Hearts R announced for Playstation Vita

The next issue of Shounen Jump reveals that a remake of Tales of Hearts, originally for the Nintendo DS, is headed to the Vita in Spring 2013. The remake features full 3D graphics, a fully voiced main story, and additional event scenes not found in the original. In addition, the character Calcedny Arcome will be a playable party member in the remake.

Namco Bandai announces Battle Robot Spirits

The spring 2013 PSP title, in development by Artdink, will include robots from Star Driver, Heroman, Code Geass, Macross F, Rinne no Lagrange, Zegapain, Fafner, and Eureka Seven.

Famitsu news, 10/23


Bravely Default Praying Blade, a  F2P PC title, will enter open beta 11/1. The main character is the priestess of wind Idea le Oblige.

Kadokawa Games will publish Experience’s Demon Gaze dungeon RPG for PS Vita in January

Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe (Singing Voices Connect the Galaxy) has been titled and dated. The Artdink-developed robot action RPG takes off in February, and will feature an original crossover story.

Artdink is also working on Battle Robot Spirits, a PSP title due in the spring.

Vampire Resurrection will release 2/7 for 2,990 yen.


Winning Eleven 2013(3DS):8878
Winning Eleven 2013(PSP):8778
NBA 2K13(PSP):7768
Winning Eleven Playmaker 2013:7778
Tales of Xillia 2:9989
NBA 2K13(PS3):9988
NBA 2K13(XB360):9988v
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