Bethesda comments on PS3 Dishonored freeze bug

Bethesda Softworks has commented on the major freeze bug in the PS3 version of Dishonored. A patch is in the works and they hope to announce a date soon; in the meantime, users are encouraged to bypass glitchy sections by setting their PS3 language to English, where the freezes do not occur; playing through; and then changing language back to Japanese.


2 responses to “Bethesda comments on PS3 Dishonored freeze bug”

  1. robin says :

    well i’m playing the game in english and at the 3rd mission it freeze….. so the bug is not only there when you play in a other langues, to bad if you pay 60 euro for a game that does not work. goes well with the new games, fifa 13 bugs en freeze Dishonored freeze what a waste of my money…. i’m playing on a ps3

  2. Matthew says :

    I find it very irritating when the game freezes! Why pay for a game if its faulty. A real waste of money. A game should be tested before release. This is very disappointing for such a good game. Im playing on PS3

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