News roundup, 10/18: Sega Model 2, MH3G digital, IE123 delay, Megpoid site

Yesterday’s odds, ends, and missed connections, and what’s coming up today.

Sega’s “2×5” teaser was for a Model 2 pseudo-collection for PSN and XBLA. Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers, and Sonic the Fighters will launch this fall for ¥800 each or ¥1,500 as a bundle; Virtua Striker and Virtual-On are coming in early 2013 with no price yet determined. Virtual-On will also get a twin-stick controller from Hori; preorders for the stick are now open at a price of ¥30,000 even.

Inazuma Eleven 1-2-3 has been pushed back to 11/29. The game will be priced at ¥5,800.

The official site for Paraphray’s Megpoid the Music # has opened, listing participating producers, artists, and dancers.

The 3DS budget release of Monster Hunter 3G will also be available digitally, for ¥3,400 beginning December 6th.


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