Famitsu news, 10/23


Bravely Default Praying Blade, a  F2P PC title, will enter open beta 11/1. The main character is the priestess of wind Idea le Oblige.

Kadokawa Games will publish Experience’s Demon Gaze dungeon RPG for PS Vita in January

Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe (Singing Voices Connect the Galaxy) has been titled and dated. The Artdink-developed robot action RPG takes off in February, and will feature an original crossover story.

Artdink is also working on Battle Robot Spirits, a PSP title due in the spring.

Vampire Resurrection will release 2/7 for 2,990 yen.


Winning Eleven 2013(3DS):8878
Winning Eleven 2013(PSP):8778
NBA 2K13(PSP):7768
Winning Eleven Playmaker 2013:7778
Tales of Xillia 2:9989
NBA 2K13(PS3):9988
NBA 2K13(XB360):9988v
(Via Taletalesource)


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