News roundup, 11/15

Yesterday’s odds, ends, and missed connections, and what’s coming up today.

Nintendo has announced their 2012 Club Nintendo platinum rewards; users with Platinum status can choose two of a 3DS downloadable title Ninten-Doji, a Mario-themed deck of transparent playing cards, a Pikmin totebag, and the 2013 Club Nintendo desk calendar. This year’s deadline is December 5th.

Drop and level-up tables for Bravely Default: Praying Blage have leaked, due to a flaw in the game’s website. Included in the data are upcoming improved cards, direct evidence of choice in jobs affecting level-up bonuses, and a previously-unannounced pay-to-respec item; some players are unhappy that future characters leveled up with as-yet-unreleased jobs will become innately more powerful than current characters.

Macross 30: Ginga wo Tsunagu Utagoe has been dated for 2/28. The standard version will cost ¥8,380, with a deluxe version also available.

Megpoid the Music # will launch on 3/28. The limited edition will include “Petanko mini!” and “Petitkko mini!” figures by Penguin Parade.

Both PSP and PSV versions of Little Battlers eXperience W will receive free mission DLC on 12/6. In related Level-5 news, the Youkai Watch comic will start in next month’s issue of Corocoro Comic, due out 12/15.


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