Famitsu news, 12/18

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Soul Sacrifice demo progress will carry over to the retail game, and demo players will receive a “Heart of the Spirits” non-elemental summon. Those who buy the first press will get Dancer’s Vestments, which unlock a poison attack, a log-range thunder attack, and a flame attack.

Ultraman All Star Chronicle, a PSP SRPG, will release on March 7th. Both digital and UMD versions will cost 6,280 yen. The game, developed by Metro, will also include 10 custom themes and social game bonuses in its first press. Twelve Ultramen will appear in realistic proportions to be leveled up as you see fit; the game system involves units moving at their own pace, FFT-style, rather than side-then-side like SRW.

Battle Robot Spirits will feature Armored Core V’s UCR-10/A. Also added are the Anti-Zega Mayindie, Billbine, L-Gaim, and ARX-7 Arbalest.

The good Dark Souls 2 news: no item DLC. The bad news: the trailer wasn’t ingame.

Macross 30will add Ganeth (Hiroyuki Yoshino) and Mei Lee-Long (Ayana Taketatsu). The controls will be available in PSP-style Type A or cursor-based lockon Type B. Easy mode will fight automatically, and multiple endings are available.

Jia Chong and Zhang Chunhua will appear in Dynasty Warriors 8.

Three new heroes join Seimado Monogatari: The trio Narn (Matsuri Mizuguchi), Wudong (Noriko Fujimoto), and Panna (Hitomi Terakado) seek to oppose Pupuru.

Coming up next week: A Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary pullout, along with Shin Megami Tensei IV and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 features!


  • Fantasy Life: 9/9/8/9

(Via Taletalesource and Re:Zaregoto. Disclaimer: Your author is a Namco Bandai contractor and all Ultraman, Battle Robot, Dark Souls, and Macross hype should be taken with a grain of salt.)


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